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Pie for dinner and dessert?

Yes, please!

Blink and you’ll miss this terrific little restaurant called Leoda’s. I nearly did. It’s located on Honoapi’ilani Hwy, the main road that takes you from where you are to where you are going. Leoda’s makes sandwiches, burger, hoagies and salads. They also make pies. All kinds of pies. Savory pot pies, handheld pies, dessert pies…


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My hubby and I were heading back to Lahaina when I had him pull into Leoda’s parking lot. The building has been standing since 1932. It’s been a hotel, general store and several different restaurants over the years, and it still has it’s 1932 bones…including subway tile and original fixtures in the ladies bathroom. As tempting as it was to peek inside the mens bathroom, I did not.

Anyway, back to pies. For dinner, I chose a $4 savory corn pie. On Maui, that price is unheard of, and it was a better bargain with every bite I took out of it. I’m trying really hard to not gain weight on this vacation, but the hubby bought the Olowalu lime pie pictured above to share for dessert and it was delicious! Tart, cool and refreshing…the perfect ending to our long day of sightseeing.


Call me crazy, but this blast from the past made me smile every time I looked outside the restaurant window…and, yes, I had to take a picture of it. I hope you’e smiling too right now. (You’re welcome!)