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Here a Fish, There a fish, everywhere a fish, fish

Speed rafting and snorkeling were a great combination and one of the highlights of my Maui vacation. Here’s why:

  • Hubby and I had a private raft…and there’s nothing better than a private tour
  • The snorkeling was fantastic–fish everywhere!
  • We saw the southern shore of Maui, and it is breathtakingly beautiful
  • Our raft went fast. Really, really fast!
  • The lava formations we looked upon were so close (and so big) that I was humbled by their enormity and permanence
  • Our captain, Larry, was informative and fun to talk with (and he had the most blazingly white teeth I’ve ever seen. He nearly blinded me when he smiled!)
Do you remember Louie the Lizard from the old Budweiser commercials? Look closely…

There are several trips to choose from but only two southern coastal trips offered by Blue Water Rafting to choose from: the Kanaio Coast trip zips along the southern coast and gets you to three snorkeling locations, or the Kanaio/Molokini trip that zips south for a bit and then turns to snorkel at Molokini.  Yes, Molokini is world-renowned for its snorkeling, but I love out-of-the-way adventures…and our trip along the Kanaio Coast certainly fit the bill.DSC01554

DSC01563We hauled butt along the southwest and southern coasts, and saw so many intricately detailed lava formations that I was left awestruck.  Sheer walls, caves, arches, collapsed lava tubes…I saw and learned more about lava on this activity than I did on my trip to the Big Island last year.DSC01562

DSC01560We continued on to our snorkeling locations. The ocean was calm and the water was so clear that it was hard to believe how lucky we were. It felt like I could reach in and touch the bottom. No murky or choppy water at any of the snorkeling sites.  Hubby and I had the first two snorkeling locations near Kaupo to ourselves. Yes, I said it, to ourselves! Look up Kaupo on a map of Maui. FullSizeRender (2)Tell me how you would see it if not from the ocean.

We had visitors at La Perouse Bay (our last snorkeling destination on the way back), but they were gone in a flash and once again DSCN0325I had the reef to myself. Mike only snorkeled the first location; he was too cold after that. I, on the other hand, jumped in at every destination. Each was unique and full of aquatic life.

A nice additional feature: cut-up pineapple, melon and oranges for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch that we were able to prepare to our liking while on the raft.

At $114.58pp for a four-hour adventure and food, it ended up being less than $30/hr. It was a steal, in my honest opinion.