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Life’s a Beach

Makena State Park in Maui has a beautiful beach. Plain and simple. If you want to watch a little surfing action, this beach is for you. The golden sand is warm and inviting, and the scenery is fantastic.DSC01569

There’s a bit of a drop down to get from sunbathing in the sand to the water’s edge, but it’s easily manageable. This is a great beach to go for some sun and a bite to eat from one of the local food trucks. (Ono Tacos seems to be very popular in Maui. You’ll find their food trucks everywhere.)

My husband and I hung out here for quite a while after snorkeling with Blue Water Rafting. It’s not one of the deepest beaches I’ve been on, but it is long and spacious enough so that you don’t feel like you’re part of a herd of walruses all needing to claim their personal territory.DSC01571

There’s plenty enough parking, and the only downside are the dreaded porta-potties (which I avoided like the plague.)

If you find yourself on Maui, go to this beach. You won’t be disappointed.