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Off to Market We Go….

It rained in San Jose last night, and a beautiful, sunny, coolish morning beckoned for me to go outdoors today.

DSC03792My son, hubby and I made haste first thing this glorious Saturday morning to San Francisco–namely to walk the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market located directly on the Embarcadero.

I know what you’re thinking–“There’s so much to do and see in San Francisco, and you’re going to a farmer’s market?” Yep.  And I won’t apologize for it.  Here’s why:  It is, by far, the best farmers market I have ever attended.


Using the Bay Bridge and the crisp-moving, steel blue waters of the bay as its backdrop, Ferry Building is the perfect location for an indoor / outdoor market. Row upon row of vendors were tightly lined up hawking their wares — fresh, wonderful fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, sandwiches, olive oils, wines, cheeses, honeys, jellies, breads, confections, pastries–the list goes on and on.

We set off at a leisurely pace, trying to absorb the sounds, aromas and visual wonders unfolding before us.  In no time at all, I was stuffing my backpack and another bag with fresh carrots, asparagus, homemade mushroom tortelli, salmon and oranges.

Ferry BuildingAfter taking in everything for sale outside, we entered into Ferry Building to prolong our little excursion.  Ferry Building is impressive. It’s hard to explain, but I could feel its history. I can only imagine the stories this building could tell. It’s big and airy–but not in an imposing way–and filled with stores and restaurants begging to be entered. I was happy to oblige.


DSC03790First, I purchased a delightfully flavored olive oil, maitake and shiitake mushrooms, followed by a steamed bun filled with a savory filling. My son, husband and I moved through the ever-increasing crowds to vie for position in front of the vendors selling their wares.

DSC03797I was smitten by the simplicity of a hand-thrown, clay dessert bowl–the perfect size for a scoop (or two!) of ice cream.  I looked at my husband and asked him to purchase it for me as a birthday present. Within a minute’s time, it was quickly wrapped in kraft paper and lovingly placed into the safety of my ever-expanding backpack.

Having spent the better part of the day at this Farmer’s Market, we returned to our vehicle and began the journey back to San Jose.  My son, hubby and I agreed that this was definitely a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  If you’re ever in San Francisco on a Saturday or a Tuesday, put aside some time to go here. You won’t be disappointed.

Ferry Building Tower