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I can see maui from my house!

Okay, maybe not from my house. But definitely from my cottage rental on the island of Molokai.

Packing up...
Packing up to leave…

First off, the island of Molokai is a farmer’s dream. Nearly half of the island is used to grow crops in the red soil or to raise livestock. The other half is hauntingly beautiful, green, mountainous terrain. With a population of just over 7,000 residents and only three main highways (560 to the west interconnects with 550 heading east. 570 takes you north from the 560) a person could never get lost. Not only that, but there are no traffic lights on Molokai (as there isn’t any traffic), nor readily available wi-fi or cable, and there’s only a handful of restaurants on the entire island. What this island does have is a laidback charm that evokes thoughts of a simpler time. We didn’t even receive a key to lock up the cottage. There was no need for one.

Molokai immediately stole my heart.

from driveway
A view of the cottage from partway up the steep driveway
backyard view
A row of French doors and a view of the backyard

Hubby and I landed by plane, packed up our rental vehicle and off we went. (I chose this cottage after careful consideration on I was not disappointed at all!) We stopped in the only main town for snacks on the way to our hilltop cottage rental as restaurants on this island close early…very early.  Our lodging for this leg of our vacation was located on the green, eastern side of Molokai. We followed the directions to our cottage and ended up turning onto a steep, twisting driveway (if you’ve ever gone down Lombard Street in San Francisco, this driveway comes in a close second). What awaited us was purely magical. A cottage with three sets of French doors and a set of sliding doors that opened onto a porch overlooking the ocean and the island of Maui. The curtains furled and unfurled with every breeze.

view from the bathroom
My view from the bathroom
view from front
Maui shrouded in morning clouds. Photo taken from my bed!

I sat outside reading a book until a light mist forced me back into the cottage. There was an amazing view of Maui visible from the comfort of our bed at sunset. As the sun receded, the light pollution on Maui became quite visible. Shockingly so. At night, Molokai is nearly invisible when looking at it from the island of Maui; however, Maui’s lights are so numerous and bright that they looked like a radiant string of pearls floating atop the ocean from our hilltop view on Molokai.

Before we called it a night, we were serenaded by several geckos who made their acquaintance known to us that first evening. Seeing them in our cottage made me smile, as geckos are considered good luck on the islands.

This little gecko kept us company in the livingroom at night

The first morning of our stay we just woke up and…relaxed. Hubby and I lazed about our beautiful cottage and did nothing—and it was perfect. It’s true that there is little to do in regard to tourist activities, but later in our stay we did manage to visit and stroll several beaches, visit a kite factory (Big Wind Kite Factory), and took the Kalaupapa Mule Tour down a sheer cliff to visit one of the last remaining leper colonies in the world. (When the last person living on Molokai afflicted with leprosy dies, their town will be turned into a National Park in remembrance of the atrocities afflicted there.)

In the end, our stay on Molokai was too brief. Had I known the true essence of this island and the comfort afforded to us by the cottage, I would have spent more time in this understated paradise. I lamented aloud to my husband on the day of our departure that I didn’t want to leave Molokai, and was promptly granted that wish. We missed our morning flight to Kauai and were given more time on the island of Molokai…and I didn’t mind missing that flight at all!