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When in maui, head north

If you love breathtaking, picture-perfect scenery, drive the north shore of Maui. This road connects with Hana Highway and, in ways, it is trickier to drive than Hana Highway. There are sections of this road that are exclusively one-lane territory, which made for interesting driving when two cars heading in opposite directions didn’t want to share the road.

And scenery? Simply some of the best to be had on the island. There are trails that will take you to where the land meets the ocean, or to a blowhole, or to a precipice to be captivated by surfers riding the waves.DSC01479

On we drove…until we could drive no more. Unbeknownst to us, the road was closed for construction, and getting to Hana Highway by navigating back in the direction we came would take 2.5 hours. We begrudgingly turned around and stopped at Lorraine’s, located in a lovely little village. If you find yourself on Maui, GO HERE! Lorraine is pure Hawaiian, with plenty of aloha to spread around.

Lorraine makes frozen chocolate-covered pineapple or bananas on sticks. They are pure heaven!  Mike and I asked for one of each. Lorraine handed them to us. I asked if she needed me to pay. “Go and sit in my backyard. Pay when you are done”, was all she said.

The view of Lorraine's backyard.
The view from Lorraine’s backyard.

We walked to her backyard, sat on a picnic bench, and looked out at lovely view of the ocean. Time seemed to stand still while we sat there. Lorraine came to join us for a few minutes. I could have talked to her all day. She had such a beautiful and kind spirit about her.


After enjoying our treats, Mike and I entered back into Lorraine’s business. Before paying, I also picked up chocolate chip banana bread and lilikoi jelly. I can’t wait to get home and try it!

Beautiful coastline

Should I ever return to Maui, I will drive this road to completion…and visit Lorraine for a longer chat (and enjoy another frozen chocolate-covered pineapple on a stick while sitting on a picnic table in her backyard)!

A few friends we passed along the way. Maui is known for its cattle ranches.
A few friends we passed along the way. Maui is known for its cattle ranches.